A Guide To Dental Procedures


Getting a proper dental check-up from the best orthodontist in Dubai is important to maintaining good oral health. It is also important to learn about the available procedures and techniques. There are many types of dental work; some are more complicated than others.


For example, a crown is a cap used to cover a tooth’s exterior surface. The crown may be made of metal or porcelain. This is usually done to improve the look of a tooth that has been damaged. The procedure is usually done in a single visit, although sometimes, a second visit is necessary.

Root canal:

Another common procedure is a root canal. This is performed in a dentist’s office and involves the removal of infected pulp. A special rubbery material is placed inside the root canal to seal the area. The tooth’s root is then filled with a biocompatible material, normally gutta-percha.

A root canal is an effective way to remove a large cavity in a tooth. It involves the removal of infected tissue, which can be very painful. A dentist will seal the opening and provide instructions for healing.

Root planing:

Other dental procedures include root planing, a method of cleaning the teeth. This involves using a hand scaler, an ultrasonic scaler, or a saline solution. This process helps remove tartar, plaque, and other hard deposits that can lead to cavities.

Dental implants:

Dental implants are a great way to restore your smile if your teeth are missing. This implant is designed to look and feel like a natural tooth. These teeth are implanted into your jawbone to replace the lost tooth. A bone graft is sometimes necessary to strengthen the jawbone before implantation.

Composite filling:

A composite filling is a less invasive treatment generally used to treat smaller cavities. The dentist will shape the filling to match the color of your teeth. Some dentists will also use a special light to make the filling hard. The composite material is commonly made of glass or acrylic.

Dental bridge:

Another commonly used dental procedure is the dental bridge, which replaces a missing tooth with a set of replacement teeth. This process is also done in a dentist’s office, and the patient must wear a lead apron.

By Natasha