Buying Guide For Bespoke Suits

When buying a bespoke suit in Dubai, you have many options. The material and style will vary according to the occasion, but it is important to choose one that will last through three seasons. Men can choose from four main fabrics: worsted wool, super 120s wool, mohair, and flannel. The lapels can be notch, peak, or shawl. The pockets can be either besom, a slit pocket set into the jacket, or flap pockets that are covered with flaps.

Consider the occasion:

Before buying a bespoke suit, you should consider the occasion for which you are planning to wear it. The purpose of the suit will help you determine what style and fabric material to go for. Then, you can start to look at the different types of suits available to suit your budget and taste.

Look for material:

The raw materials for bespoke suits are quite simple, but the weave of the material can be more complex. The weave is a particular pattern of weaving or interlacing that creates the shape and feel of the finished product. There are many different types of weave, but most bespoke suits use a variety of them. These weaves are grouped under the name “twill.” In twill, the warp threads are laid out parallel to one another, while the weft threads are woven over and under in a side-stepping pattern.

Consider fit:

When shopping for a bespoke suit, you may want to look for two factors. One is the material and the other is the fit. When buying a bespoke suit, you want the material to be the right thickness, as otherwise, it can become a stumbling block when you try to adjust it. The right fabric also helps prevent the sizing from being off by a couple of centimeters. Also, you should look for visible stitches. These used to mean quality, but these days they can be just as distracting.


Bespoke suits are custom-made suits that are made to fit an individual’s body shape. Many pattern companies offer pattern sets for two-piece suits, while others sell separates. If you plan on making a three-piece suit, you may want to purchase a separate pattern for the vest. Typically, these patterns are sold in a set that also includes a shirt, blouse, and tie.

By Natasha