Tips On Buying Wheelchairs

Before buying a wheelchair, you should consider a few important aspects. These factors include seat width and armrest height, as well as weight. Choosing a wheelchair that is comfortable for you will be easier if you have a clear idea of the parameters that are most important to you. Also, take into account the wheelchair price in UAE. Although wet lead-acid batteries are the least expensive, they may require special handling in certain situations.

Armrest height:

It is important to consider armrest height when buying a wheelchair. Armrests can impact a wheelchair user’s ability to reach tables, and a higher armrest will interfere with this. The difference between a single post and a dual post armrest lies in the amount of clearance. Single post armrests offer more clearance but are less stable. Some chairs feature flip-down armrests, which attach to the back upright canes. These armrests are low enough to be easily moved to allow clearance underneath a table but have a higher overall height than the dual post type.

Seat width:

The seat width of a wheelchair is important to consider when buying one. It should fit the widest part of the user’s body. Usually, this is measured from hip to hip. However, you can also measure the width across the thighs. Another important feature of a seat is its height. It should be at least 18 inches high and wider than the user’s thighs. The armrest height should also be appropriate for the user’s height.


When buying a wheelchair, consider the mobility needs of the person using it. While most people can manage in a standard wheelchair, individuals with balance and grip problems may need a special wheelchair with extra back and side supports and specially designed rims for the rear wheel. The type of wheelchair that you choose should also be able to accommodate the terrain on which you plan to use it.


There are many things to consider when buying a wheelchair. While advertised weights are an important starting point, the actual weight of a wheelchair depends on the user. Manufacturers are allowed to subtract additional weight from other parts of the wheelchair, such as the brakes, armrests, and wheels. It’s also important to keep in mind the individual weights of these components.

By Natasha